The Members of the Board of Directors have strong international educational backgrounds in Textile Technology and Management. They are the pioneers of textile growth in Bangladesh and played direct roles in all the policies and technical development of textile and clothing industry. The Board works at policy level including development taking into consideration the global business scenario.

The Senior Management Team consists of a group of highly qualified and very well trained professionals who run the units with extreme efficiency, optimizing productivity, minimizing loss and wastages and dealing with all personnel in the lawful manner.

The 4705 strong workforces have given loyal support to the growth of the company. They are extremely dedicated and are very easily trainable adapting to new technologies and opportunities.


Future Direction

We firmly believe that the global textile and clothing industry will continue to grow and Bangladesh will be a key participant in this growth. With our strong export presence in textile and an increasing local demand, we plan to continuously grow in our existing businesses i.e. knitting, dyeing, finishing and clothing.

In addition, we are also seriously looking at other areas like home textiles, synthetic fibers and yarns and dress material manufacturing. We have plans to extend our services further to product development, designing, fashioning and also to move our products to the doorsteps of our customers.

We will pursue to find strategic partners with whom we can attain our strength to achieve the above goals.